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We are an institute for the research, study, preservation and promotion of draped clothing such as saris, belted plaids, Roman togas, sarongs, and other unstitched costumes found all over the world and History.


- Unlike all other textile arts and crafts (embroidery, knitting, stitching, weaving, etc.), the art of draped (unstitched) clothes has been entirely overlooked. There is no ongoing research on this art & craft, no teaching, no recording or preservation.

- Draping clothes is a volatile art. It relies entirely on personal knowledge and creativity. We are not sure, today, how people in antiquity draped their costumes. Many ancient ways of draping saris are forgotten today. If no institution starts research today, the art may soon vanish completely.

- Draping is a most ancient and widespread form of clothing, used by billions of people all over the word. It is part of mankind's heritage. We must give it its right place and recognition.

- Draping is fun! Draping is an accessible and rewarding creative endeavour. There is no reason why it should not develop and reenter fashion today.


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